About Me

My name is Mike Solomon.  Once upon a time, I had this domain and blog as an outlet for my somewhat twisted sense of humour and my wild ideas on how I thought things ought to be.  It’s primary goal though was to outline my FOREX market day trades.  I did this with no intention of selling anything.  It was just a tool to keep me honest.  It’s amazing how much easier it is to follow your trading rules when you have to admit to the world when you mess up.

I was doing fairly well, but trading was always going to be a secondary income earner for me.  I wanted to be engaged in something day to day that meant more.  I was working for  a great company, in my dream I.T. job when I decided to ditch it all to become a firefighter.  I went back to school for a year and ended up getting hired full time in my home town.  A few years later and at about 50% of my old salary, I couldn’t be happier.

BUT, there is still a side to me that loves the movements of the markets.  FOREX was good to me, but the more I watched the more I was concerned at the retail traders getting bowled over.  I had my time in that market, but that time is over.

Enter 2015!  I am now going to try trading in the stock market.  So, this blog is back to do what it originally set out to do:  display my twisted sense of humour, allow you to travel (stumble) along on my adventures, force you to read my wild ideas about the world and how it should be run and I will outline all my trades, my wins, my losses…everything!  Journey along as I lose some money…and then hopefully figure out how to make it back.

Instagram:  @mikesolomon

Twitter: @onebrownguy